This is outrageous!  I can’t believe he makes me do this.
–Brian Schreiber
Schreiber Real Estate

I started coming to Dan as a trainer because I had injured my shoulder and wanted to get in shape without hurting myself. That was about 14 years ago. Dan knows just how to modify an exercise program to take each person’s specific situation into consideration. I never had the willpower to do strength training before, but now I look forward to exercising with Dan. I am in much better shape than I have ever been and feel really good.
–Beth H.
I started working with Dan about 14 years ago in order to strengthen my body and avoid a recurrence of back problems.  Not only have I avoided any further back pain, but also I am in the best shape I have been in since high school (over 30 years ago).  Dan combines weights, aerobics and stretching in each session in a safe, yet effective way, and he's a fun guy to spend an hour with a few times a week!   

–Carole S. Katz
Alternative Dispute Resolution
My first thought was to be funny, kid around a bit, about Dan Stagani and our instructor/client relationship/friendship, because it is fun, and lots of laughs-----but the more important truth should be told: this man is a highly skilled professional who has made a huge difference in my life. How? No overstatement, simply a fact: he saved me from drastic surgery.
Ten years ago I was told by every neurologist and orthopedic surgeon that due to spondylolesthesis, a slippage of vertebrae causing nerve impingement, I needed an operation which would consist of opening and separating my spine and having metal rods permanently inserted; the rods would be packed in with bone from my hip; I would be in a body cast for 4-6 months; there would be no guarantees the surgery would relieve the considerable pain I was experiencing; and about 5% of healthy people never healed, for unknown reasons, from this operation.
Why would anyone submit to anything like this, even in lots of pain...? I asked. "Well, without this operation, if you are so much a bumped in a busy airport," said Dr. Einman, chief of neurology at UPMC, "you will be paralyzed, in a wheel chair, in a diaper. Then there will be nothing anyone can do for you."  This opinion was also echoed by Dr. Kang, UPMC, Dr. Maroon, Allegheny General Hospital.
Enter Dan Stagani. Without going on and on---let me just say, through a targeted, knowledgeable, applied exercise program, Dan fixed my back. This was achieved in about 4-5 weeks, and has been maintained for the last ten years. I walk, dance, work out, and enjoy my life, no surgery, no medication---pain free. Thanks, Dan.  

–Judy Robinson
I began seeing Danimal 2 decades(!) ago as a way to get into shape after an athletic injury.  Once an avid soccer player and still today an avid skier and cyclist,  Dan has worked with my various orthopedic injuries post-rehab and continues to work with me today in weight training, balance and cardiovascular exercise.  The knowledge base and motivation that he provides as a Trainer have proved vital to me.  And though Dan is not a nutritionist, he has supplied enough prudent, common sense dietary information to help me keep off the excessive weight. 

Over the years, Dan has become a true friend and a trusted professional in his field.  I would certainly recommend anyone to his personal training practice. 
–Tod H.

I was an active participant in many sports, some of them quite rigorous, throughout much of my life.  I arrived at middle age and am now reaping the "rewards" of an energetic youth with various orthopedic ailments.  I came to Dan at the recommendation of a friend.  Dan has taught me and coached me on how to stay fit, active and strong while simultaneously working within the restrictions of bad knees, etc.  Dan is always punctual and prepared for our early morning sessions and constantly strives to vary the workout to keep it interesting and challenging.  Dan is an excellent trainer who successfully challenges you while still working within your capabilities.  It continues to be a pleasure, and I highly recommend his services and studio.
I have been working out with Dan for over twenty years. He has been influential in keeping me on track with a weekly regimen of exercise.  Previously plagued with low back pain, he has done an excellent job of making sure that I am exercising, stretching and addressing my dietary points, and as a result, my back issues are behind me. 
Like everyone, my schedule is full. When I have time to exercise, quality counts.  Dan is the consummate professional. His facility, demeanor, knowledge and experience place him at the very top of his field. I am fortunate to be his client.

–Andrew Stewart
Silk and Stewart Development Group
This was really nice – thank you, you have helped me more than you realize.  I know that my weight continues to be a battle, one which I believe I can win.  I did meet with the Kari, the nutritionists on Saturday, and she was very helpful.  The past 3 days I have been working at planning my meals, and it all boils down to being focused and planning.  I also wanted to let you know that I saw my doctor on Friday, and she put me back on a 12.5 dose of xxxxxxxx – what a difference, I am actually seeing my ankles and I feet have been great – such a relief.  Of course, she wants me to lose weight, she feels that since this was bilateral and in both feet, it is my weight.  I am trying to make some changes and start taking care of me – it is important.  Take care, have a great day and see you on Thursday. 

–Kathy Wyda
Director of Practice Operations
West Penn Allegheny Oncology Network
Congratulations on your business!!! Success comes from hard work, determination, and passion- your success is a testament to that.

–Connie Lutz
I am glad I get to mark each anniversary with you at Tuesday 7am after Memorial Day.  You are a happy part of each week 2x. I'm glad you had the courage and passion to start your own business. 

We are an elderly couple (in our eighties) that had slowly moved away from physical activities--the chance encounter with Dan Stagani and his exercise program changed a sedentary existence to an active pursuit of enhancing stretching and muscle building exercises--His understanding of our needs and his quick and persuasive analysis has us looking forward to each visit--We are happy to recommend this man and his program to anyone hoping to improve their life and health.

Middle age snuck up on me, and I finally realized I needed help re-achieving a basic fitness level despite the fact I’d joined a gym a few years ago. Going it alone wasn’t working and neither were the generic trainers employed by the gym. They’d put you through a workout but switched jobs frequently and never really seemed invested. Dan is invested. He’s personable, he uses just the right amount of push, and I like his taste in music. In 6 months, he’s gotten me stronger than I’ve been in years, so I’m accomplishing what I set out to do. My abused, arthritic knees are even feeling better!  I only wish I’d made the choice to go with a personal trainer sooner, and I’m thankful my chiropractor hooked me up with Dan. It’s a good fit.

–Jerry R.
I am, like many others, a very busy professional with limited time to fit in significant and regular exercise.  Dan has done an amazing job working with me and around my schedule to find times that work.  He is up-to-date with any potential physical or other limitations and has the ability to combine cardio and weight training in his private studio.  I recommend him highly as a trainer.

–Pauline C.

After ten plus years that you have kept me in great shape, I just want to thank you. Though I am getting older, I feel great and hope to continue for years.

–David S.
Dan Stagani is most knowledgeable about exercise, and he is caring and considerate.  He develops the best exercises specifically for us in his beautiful studio at 5301 Fifth Avenue.  
Both Sylvia and I have a great appreciation for Dan and his understanding for our physical limitations.  He remains very conscientious about developing our strength and stamina so that we maintain our independent lifestyle.

–Sidney and Sylvia Busis
I enjoy the one-on-one experience that Dan provides. I am confident in his knowledge of the exercises we do and the muscles we are working. I would recommend Dan to anyone who is looking for a personalized training routine.

–Lyle Dresbold, Attorney at Law, David J. Shrager & Associates
I've been going to Dan for almost 5 years, and the experience has been extremely helpful to me. He has been careful in assessing my physical condition and limitations while designing a program that fits my needs.  He definitely pushes me harder than I would have pushed myself, however never beyond my capabilities.  There are days that I really don't feel like exercising, but there has never been a day that I haven't been happy that I did. Thanks, Dan.

I have worked out with Dan for over a year.  He provides a supportive and effective environment for getting in shape, losing weight, and feeling better.  With his help, I've lost 45 pounds while gaining strength and better health.

–Gary K.
Three years ago, a friend recommended Dan for personal training. Since then, I have worked with him almost weekly.  At the outset, he analyzed my needs, and then we implemented a personalized plan that combined aerobic and strength training.  Thereafter, he monitored my progress and adjusted my program. He also carefully supported two rehab programs after my knee and back surgeries.  His facility and equipment are contemporary.  He is very thorough, knowledgeable, sensitive, has a sense of humor and is pleasure to work with.  I’ve also noted he has long-standing relationships with his other clients.

I am lucky that I met you Dan and until you kick me out, I intend to "age-out" in front of you!!

–John M.
I have been with Dan Stagani for over ten years. After 35 years of misery, he has banished intractable back pain from my life.  Dan has
seen me through hip and knee replacements and other serious health difficulties, and has done it with compassion, humor and unparalleled
skill. His is constantly learning more about health and exercise. Dan has a knack with clients: no matter whether they are athletic and wish to just get fitter, or struggling with age, weight,  and mobility limitations, they are always number one. That is why he is a great motivator. Two of my close friends have had the same experience as his clients.

–Yolanda W.
I’m like many women my age.  As I approached mid life, I began to put on weight despite exercising regularly and watching what I ate.  A neighbor recommended Dan Stagani.

Four years later, I’m 30 pounds lighter and feeling great!  Dan’s encouragement and sensible approach to fitness have made the difference in my life.  You can do it too!

There are trainers, and then there is Dan.  When Dan opened his own studio, he chose his equipment and décor with great care, down to the signature water bottles which meant we were now members of his club of caring acquaintances.  Dan truly cares about providing the best quality of life for his clients and relishes when we bond with each other during those brief periods of overlap.  He is even patient when we trade recipes, even though some of them may not be totally healthy…. Sshh……
–Robin B.
In Dan Stagani's fitness program I had a great time. I'm only sorry that it couldn't have been longer, but unfortunately I had to move out of town. I greatly appreciated how he integrated wellness, exercise and good eating habits. This is one experience that I will not forget as I have learned to make better choices in regards to food and to stick to an exercise program that was worked out just for me.  And Dan was so friendly and easy to talk to, it even made exercise fun! And he played any kind of music that I felt in the mood for that day, which is always helpful! I am feeling so much better physically because of the exercise and the fact that I went twice a week, and he was a great encouragement and support for me.

–Thanks, Dan.  Let me know how your web testimonials turn out!
Sister Katherine
For more than a decade, training with Dan has become important to me.  I work out weekly with Dan. He has put together a routine that strengthens me and helps me avoid injury. Dan is more than a trainer; he is a trusted friend.

–Michelle B.

I always look forward to my twice-weekly training sessions with Dan. The studio is well appointed: first rate equipment, attractive décor and a choice of music or television.  Dan really makes it comfortable and fun to workout.  I always feel fit and healthy because of his knowledge and guidance.  As a fitness professional, Dan is TOPS!

–Arleen A.
Going to Dan has been great.  His studio is beautiful and fully equipped. But it is the personalized and professional attention that definitely makes the difference from a big gym. He is truly interested in the health and welfare of each client and knows his stuff! I’m not the most compliant client, but he does push and inspire, for both exercise as well as living a healthy life.

–Louise B.
I thought Dan Stagani was a good motivator until I broke my ankle. At that point her turned into "Ultimate Coach."  He insisted that I come work out on schedule and built a plan that not only accommodated my injury but kept the rest of me in good shape.  I am convinced my recovery went faster than expected due to his expertise ... and personal interest.

–Laurie M.
“I’ve been seeing Dan every week for 14 years (or 20% of my life). Dan has helped to keep fit, by working on my flexibility, strength, and stamina.”
-Marvin A.
Thank you, Dan, for 5 years of encouragement, better health, a stronger body and a whole lot of fun.  The 10 session certificate I was gifted with that led me to your services 5 years ago, began one of the most beneficial and fulfilling experiences of my life.  The time even included my mother who spent the last 2 of her 90 years training under your direction along side of me.  She was always so happy during our hour with you, and I am sure if she were here today that she would 'ditto' my praises.  You deserve all the success you have achieved, and the benefits are reflected in us, your trainees.  I look forward to many more years of growth......Sara N.
Dan has many attributes that make him a great trainer, but the one that I appreciate most is his ability to understand what I'm capable of at any point in time. He encourages (but doesn't push) me to grow at my own pace in strength and endurance. I really like coming to his new studio;  it's peaceful, quiet, and a good place to separate from outside stress.

I started working out with Dan prior to my having 2 knee replacements and 1 hip replacement.  His ability to get me prepared for surgery by strengthening my muscles and helping me with flexibility was a definite factor in my fast recovery after each surgery.  I was back working within 3 weeks after each surgery.  Since then Dan has keep me on my toes, with valuable information of what to do as we get older and wanting to stay nimble and active.

–Janette N
Dan offers truly personalized well thought out training.  For example, I usually go hiking or biking or cross country skiing several times per week.  As a result, Dan focuses much more on core and upper body rather than over exercising my lower body.  I also have some physical limitations that Dan respects and works around.  Other trainers have wanted me to ignore doctors’ orders.  Dan is respectful of being a part of, but not your entire health care team. 
–Jim L.